Holy PETA! New Ad Campaign Upsets the Catholics

Then again, anything could upset the Catholics. My friend James sent this awesome story to me. Normally, I turn a cold shoulder to PETA’s desperate attempts to sway the public into taking animals rights seriously. However, in her interview with TV Guide, model Joanna Krupa stands by the ultra-sexy image of her bodacious naked bod being covered only by an ornate crucifix. Her beaming halo and sensuous wings almost overshadows the massive crowd of sad-eyed puppies staring back at the viewer. Surely, I was aroused, to say the least. But, then when I cast my eyes on the innocuous canines, I felt very guilty for my Pagan impulse to touch myself. Then, I felt ashamed of my body because it betrayed me. Then, I wanted to get out my checkbook.


Unfortunately, the Catholics didn’t get the message (or else they’d be all over it!) and are lampooning the offensive ad for “exploiting Christian symbols”.

Krupa’s response?

“I respect [that] everyone has his own sensitivities. But I, like many, see no clash or contradiction between a partially nude body and a cross. I am a proud Catholic and I am sure God is looking down shaking His head in disagreement with the Catholic League’s comments. … My mom is very supportive while being a very old-school Catholic. … The cross I am wearing in the ad represents pain and hope, which is all these animals have when they are dumped in shelters or put in tiny cages and bred their whole life, and hope is what we are trying to bring to this extremely tragic situation.”

What I like about Krupa’s response is that her interpretation of the campaign is very valid and also a big part of the guilt trip one inevitably experiences when looking at the ad. And, I know this ad works because I feel guilty by confessing that Krupa’s body looks sexy (Photoshop and all) and I seriously didn’t even notice the animals.

Hm. I’m going to leave before I receive a sound smiting.

    • Daisy
    • December 7th, 2009

    Okay I’m confussed. PETA hates people that have sexual relationships with animals but doesn’t mind people getting sexual with animals when it serves their purpose? I know she not fucking the dogs but she is looking like she wants to fuck and the dogs are all around her. The first thought in my head was doggie gang bang. In fact I didn’t even notice the cross or wings just the hot naked girl with the horny smile surrounded by dogs that look like they are begging for sex from her.

  1. Haha. I love it, though! I love how sex is such an overriding factor of this ad that it completely overshadows the actual message.

    Fine with me. It works for and against PETA depending on what one feels compelled to do after seeing such an ad.

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