Could a Woman Pull a Tiger Woods?

My God, Tiger Woods’s story of infidelity and heartbreak is a whirlwind of dramatic events. As the famous golfer recovers from a car accident, his wife and, well, millions of us bare witness to the sultry revelation of his multiple mistresses. And, my, does Woods know how to pick ’em. From a party planner to a porn star, Tiger certainly surrenders to his sexual fantasies… which is all well and good, until he got into a really bad wreck.

I read a recent comment from someone who wondered how different the response would be if Tiger Woods was a woman? What if Rachel Ray had a collection of hunky men in her stable? Would America consider her the ultimate… playgirl? Or would she be shamed out of her Susie Homemaker spotlight?

I wanted to look up celebrity women who were made infamous for their infidelities; but, it was rather difficult. At first I thought it was because of the mushroom cloud that was Tiger Woods’s romantic affairs. But, even as I continued to scroll through the pages (Lazy Lady Investigating), the only scandal that showed up was Meg Ryan’s little tryst with husband Dennis Quaid and Russell Crowe. It was like a… romantic drama. And, if was perfectly cast, wasn’t it?

To me, Meg Ryan’s infidelity was very differently perceived. She had slept with only one man behind her husband’s back, then she divorced Quaid soon after the tryst was uncovered. It made Tiger Woods’s adultery look like a hardcore fuck film

Besides this, no other female celebrity has gotten this much attention for such scandals. And, when they do, they often do so very soon before or after the end of a high profile relationship. Such was the case with Meg Ryan and others.

While both types of affairs are perceived differently, my guess is that these women may have indulged in romantic affairs, but did so with the intention of their spouse or partner. Instead of being promiscuous, we see women “date” one man at a time, passing from vine to vine like Tarzan or, er, Tarzana…?

Posted on was an article that suggested women were better at maintaining affairs than men:

In this article, psychologist Dr. David Holmes discusses how women are able better liars:

“‘Most men don’t really develop that facility until they’re much older. They live, psychologically, in the moment, while women think around corners and two steps ahead.'”

When I think back to all of the adulterous affairs that have captivated our attentions, it seems that all of these affairs inevitably ended in some sort of disaster. For Bill Clinton, it was Monica Lewinsky’s big fat mouth (Well, it worked in his favor sometimes). For David Letterman, it was, well, his own big fat mouth (It works in his favor sometimes). For others, there was a discovery of emails or getting “caught” by paparazzi in strange places and with strange women. On the surface, part of us perceive Woods, and men like him, to be either heartbreakers or playboys – both roles romanticized to high heaven.

But, don’t you think it’s pretty sloppy?

It’s as if these men want to literally admit they’re not monogamous, whether its direct or not.  They never reveal their indiscretions voluntarily. And, when the truth finally comes out, they suddenly become repentant, like a dog caught peeing in his owner’s shoes. The only exception could be Jim McGreevey; and, even then the announcement seemed like a forced attempt to prevent a scandal from occurring. To me, these men are not playboys. They are self-destructive and are so strung up on their status in society (a status that does expect – or demand – one to at least act decently) that their lives ultimately come undone. Their reputations are picked apart by the vulturous media (like me) and it ends up permeating our airwaves.

Most women are naturally prone to becoming nurturers and emotionally mature in their relationships. Affairs are not a means a status for ladies either, and quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. With incredibly powerful women in Hollywood and politics, one can literally only wonder if these women have dabbled or still do dabble in affairs.

One example of Hollywood’s best kept secret is the illustrious lesbian affairs that occurred between some of the most famous and desired actresses on the Silver Screen. I mention it briefly here.

Dr. Holmes also mentions that as children, women are conditioned to plan ahead. Marriage and childbirth are the most significant moments. Everything else – Career, Lifestyle, Place to Live, etc – ultimately benefits the main goal. If women have begun to develop planning skills when they’re young, imagine what they’re capable of when they plan to play… without their husbands.

The article also brings up a famous female name who was involved in a long and serious affair: Farrah Fawcett. After her death, news finally surfaced about her secret 11-year romance, one that she took with her to the grave.

If this study proves correct, then it’s no wonder why we see so much of Tiger Woods and his clown-car of mistresses. Ir’s also no wonder why i couldn’t find any female celebs involved in similar scandals: It’s not because they’re not doing them; they’re just far better at keeping them private… unless a few of those female celebs are attention whores.

To end this with a final quote:

“…men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat. No wonder we’re better at secret affairs.”

  1. How true–women–the masters of illusion. Men are still entry level.

    • Serene
    • December 9th, 2009

    The case of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid is not a good example to use. As we know now Dennis Quaid cheated on her for several years before she turned the tables on him and walked out with hottie du jour Russell Crowe.

    • So what if Ryan cheated on Quaid? To say that is also to assume that Woods didn’t have a good reason for cheating on his wife… maybe she’s been sneaking around and we don’t know. Maybe she’s not giving him sex. Or cuckold fantasies. Maybe the love died out long ago. Or maybe Woods is a prick. Or maybe he’s actually a very nice guy with a high libido. Hell, even Fawcett claimed to have told her lover that her husband’s sexless and unattractive. It may be insulting but it’s a reason.

      Point being that everyone has a reason to cheat, whether it’s a legitimate reason or not. All of the celebrities I mentioned, included Ryan, could have taken a different avenue to deal with their relationship problems but they either didn’t or it didn’t work as planned. I’m not focused on that. I’m talking about the difference between high profile men who maintain affairs and high profile women who cheat also.

      You’re right; it isn’t the best example; it was really my only example. Not because of Quaid’s outdated transgressions. It’s because there really wasn’t any example like it. Any other supposed scandals basically end up being unconfirmed rumors. So, I’m stuck with Ryan, Quaid, and “hottie du jour” Russell Crowe, all of which came out of that whole debacle with their reputations relatively intact. Can we say the same for Woods? *Shrugs* Time will tell.

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