Walk it Off, Snooki

Can everyone agree that Jersey Shore was going to be a trainwreck before we even saw it? Of course we can. We can all also agree that this is what the American public anticipated, right? I, mean, Huffington Post even reminded readers of the show’s promise to present with “hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos” that we need to know (but have been trying to avoid).

So, why is it so shocking to see a guidette get knocked out by a guy in a bar? Everybody I know has told me wonderful things about Jersey Shore. But it isn’t similar to someone telling me that, say, The Wire is awesome. It’s more like saying, Have you seen this car crash lately? OMG, you have got to see it. Or, wait until you see that guy falling out of his window and hitting the pavement. That shit was so sweet.

So, obviously, it’s a guilty pleasure show. They’re not rich, they’re not likable, and they’re unattractive. Every little decision that we make in, hm, less than a day becomes a major life change for these people. And, the cast literally dumb themselves down enough so we can laugh at their expense.

This is the case with most reality shows. Every flaw is magnified and every major confrontation is a source of entertainment. We’ve seen men bust each other’s heads open and women scratch and claw their way through an entire episode. The actual events are further altered through post-production. Wonderful water-cooler discussions.

So, why should this incident with Snooki be any different? She was annoying throughout the episodes and runs her big mouth when she’s revealed to us that she isn’t as strong as she presents herself to be. Whether it was a man or a woman, she was going to fight someone eventually.

Another thing. I’m not going to weep for a woman being punched in the face. I’m just not. Maybe I would feel more sympathy if she was walking down the street and assaulted for no good reason. But she wasn’t. Snooki was at a bar, pounding them down as we hope she would. She got into a fight with a man whose twice her size (and possibly drank twice as much). She insulted him. He threw a punch. He was stopped and later arrested. MTV obviously shows what happens when assault occurs. So, why treat me like a 3 year old and show me a PSA?

Or, better yet, why don’t you show me this PSA after every episode of other shows we love to hate to love? There are plenty of Reality moments from the past that deserve it.

Because of this whole guidette persona, Snooki inflates her personality to heights that she cannot reach, thus making a lion out of a mouse. But, remember, we’re watching a car wretch. Every element of this show is an equation that will never add up. That’s why MTV aired the clip to begin with. Audiences have been watching catfights, bar brawls, etc for years. But, suddenly we can’t take a punch because Snooki’s a girl? Please.

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