True Love or Pedophilia?

It’s a story straight from one of my tattered paperbacks. A 15 year old girl shares a relationship with her 26 year old teacher. This piece from Marie Claire definitely posed a valid question. Is this a genuine bond between two women or is it the standard sexual predator scenario?

Jazz Teacher, Helen Goddard, admitted that she was chased by the student regularly. Goddard finally surrendered to her new lover’s charm. And soon their relationship escalated to romantic getaways. Of course, schoolyard rumors sealed their ultimate fate. Goddard was arrested in July 2009.

Because of this affair, Goddard will never be able to teach again and she will also remain on the sex offender registry. Because of these circumstances, the student only suffers overexposure from those in the immediate community. But, as time progresses, her identity will soon fade from the public eye, while Goddard’s career is indefinitely ruined.

But I don’t believe that the couple are wholly responsible for this. And I believe that by labeling Goddard as a “sex offender”, the society is overlooking the maturity and desires of the 15 year old student.

One can argue that a 15 year old doesn’t know anybody. But, whose fault is that? She’s past the point of puberty, I’m sure. She obviously has feelings for “Jazz Lady” but she doesn’t understand the repercussions if they were caught. But, as an adolescent, she fulfills the typical fantasies of the seductive nymphet, a youthful siren that draws one to their own demise. Unfortunately, until she’s 18, we won’t know her wholly as an individual.

If we consider it a crime, then we have to accept that the student is both the seductive vixen who bewitched Goddard into an affair and a child who has yet to understand “relations” with an older figure, let alone a woman. We also have to accept that Goddard inadvertently manipulated and took advantage of a young individual who was under her authority.

If we consider it “true love”, then we have to consider how the law has ruined what seemed like a functioning relationship.

    • Daisy Azuras
    • December 16th, 2009

    I just don’t understand why logic is overlooked in simple situations. If the young girl is the aggressor and she isn’t being hurt by the relationship then let it be.

    The woman should have explained to the girl what was going to happen if they got together and made her wait till she turned 16 so they could do what they want without legal interference.

    The only real problem I see is the teacher student relationship. She can no longer teach this girl in a certified manner. The girl will have to find a new jazz teacher or accept the fact that she is no longer able to get her certificate.

    As far as the sex goes… Well I don’t really know how to feel about it because when I was little and interested in sex I just went out and found it. I didn’t care if the person or animal involved would get in trouble and I felt they shouldn’t get in trouble since I’m the one asking for sex.

    I think that once you hit age 13 you pretty much know and enjoy sex and as long as you are not using sex to cheat in school I think you should be able to have sex with whomever you wish. I mean think about it, if you have a 13 year old girl and a 17 almost 18 year old boy; isn’t that pretty much the same as a 13 year old girl and 21 year old man? Once again I stress that a relationship of that sort has to be pure sex with no benefits to the younger by the older. The older person be it man or woman can’t give the youth alcohol or good grades or drugs that the law states can’t be legally sold to the youth. If such things are given in trade for sex with a young person then that young person is trading sex for illegal goods and the adult is selling to a minor.

    That’s the only problem I see with 13 to 17 year old people having sex with people over 21.

    Kids under 13 however should always be off limits even to 13 year olds. 13 should be the age that sex is permitted for fun. No relationships just fun sex. Sex to learn and gain experience and safe sex should be taught because it is expected that they will have sex. No more of this sex avoidance crap they have been teaching in schools.

    Sex is important because without sex you can never really find love.

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