Going on Holiday Hiatus

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts…. and lack of video podcasts. Tis the season for inconsistency. So I’m retiring my WordPress until after Xmas, when I finally can reclaim my time and patience from the death grip of this holiday.

I don’t believe in religion so Xmas in that regards means nothing to me. But, I do love snow and the smell of pine that exudes from xmas trees and other elements that makes this time whimsical and Whoville-like. So, I have to submit to this fantastic fury of seasonal songs, unnecessary dramas over gift-giving, and excessive eating (my favorite part).

Til next Monday – Have a happy holidays. Enjoy the spiked nog!


    • Daisy
    • December 23rd, 2009

    I like using the old Celtic and Druidic beliefs for this season since Jesus was born in march and not December. Plus what do trees and everything else that makes this holiday what it is have to do with Jesus? Jesus was born in a fucking desert for Christ sake! How many times does it snow in the middle east? Come on people, this is a northern holiday. In fact only the northern world should really celebrate it. A completely different holiday should be held for the equator and the southern part of the world.

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