Judge Lets Man Walk After he Has Sex with 13 Year Old Girl

Just passed by a blog, the title of which announced that according to a Judge in Oxford, “middle-aged perverts” are free to rape 13 year old girls…

…Are you kidding? Judge Mary Mowat (That’s right, a lady judge) did not allow former soldier Nigel Thomson to leave the courthouse guilt free. His sexual encounter with a 13 year old was obviously not the best choice, especially since he had been warned about the alleged “victim’s” behavior.

“This was not a breach of trust situation. Although she was vulnerable, you too in a sense, are vulnerable as you are a simple man. What occurred was stupidity rather than malice.” — Judge Mary Mowat

Thank you, Judge. Thank you for remembering that men are not monsters. Like women (see post), they make stupid mistakes that could inevitably land them in hot water… NOT because they are predators, but because they are human beings.

Thank you, also, for remembering that teenagers should be held accountable for their own actions. All of us could say up and down that a 13 year old child cannot consent. This is not because she doesn’t know how to. Obviously, this teenager does. She was the one who initiated contact. She went to his apartment. She gave him the condom. And she took that condom wrapper straight to the police (Although the explanation as to why hasn’t been mentioned, she has been described as “disturbed”). Then, after he was arrested, she went on record to say that she did not want to press charges. Throughout this entire incident, she made all the moves. All Thomson had to do was accept the invitation. He did it. It’s not the end of the world. She’s not “scarred” for life. Unfortunately for Thomson, however, he is.

One could also say that she hadn’t the capacity to fully understand sex. Hm. She understood it enough to buy a condom, right? How so? Well, she would have learned that contraception is one of the best defenses against pregnancy, STIs, and HIV/AIDS (and a wonderful piece of evidence). If someone sat down with her or if she, herself, was able to empower herself with the knowledge of safe sex, isn’t she far more capable of empowering herself with other important elements of sex… including the repercussions of her actions? Furthermore, shouldn’t we, as a society, strive to make sure that this young woman makes the right decisions so that she can have better sexual experiences and find the best partners who can share those experiences with her? Or is this something that she has to learn on her own? Let’s say that Thomson was 15 and she still went to the police with a potential rape accusation. Would she still be a victim considering the consequences? Of course not. She would have ruined her lover’s life. But, because Thomson is in his 40s and has the common sense of a teenager (hence the attraction most likely), it’s automatically rape. Riiiiiiggghhhhht.

Call me a victim blamer; but, this young woman was just as reckless with her actions as he was. I’m sure that the waters of this incident run deeper than The Daily UK will investigate (the language of this article shows apparent gaps in the story). Unfortunately, because of the lady’s tender age we will never fully understand her reasoning or about who she is as a human being. What Judge Mowat does know is that she’s not going to spend tax payer’s money and put this man through the terrifying experience of prison just because he made a stupid decision.

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