Sexy Robot Makes Waves at Adult Expo

I heard about Roxxxy the sex robot very recently but completely written off the phemomena as wishful thinking on the parts of perverts everywhere who truly desire AI for sexual gratification. She was introduced by her creator and severe nerd, Douglas Hines as someone who was built to surpass my crude opinion of robot prostitutes. Instead, Roxxxy represents the ultimate companionship, one that is not shrouded exclusively in sex. Maybe I’m a perfectionist or I just can’t appreciate the advancements of AI, but Roxxxy looks like a lowly prototype. For the exception of her obvious feminine form and face, her dead deep brown eyes and heavy body seems to scream necrophilia, instead of robot sex.

I have done some research on agalmatophilia (sexual attraction to dolls, statues, and mannequins) but I stopped short of robot fetishism because technology used for sexual purposes wears many different faces. It is dissimilar to agalmatophilia because a robot can respond to touch. But, like the former fetish, the sexual attraction relies on power. Whether its a stiff silicon sex doll or a servile robot, the human lover has complete control over either. Essentially, s/he can do whatever s/he wants to her/his lover. If one just wants a lover to look at and defile, a lover that is not real and does not need to be real, then a sex doll is satisfactory. But, if a lover would rather have a partner that can mimic signs of life, whether its pleasurable moans or painful cries, then a robot is a worthy sex slave.

Of course, Hines’s sob story about Roxxxy’s origins really kills the mood. Originally, he had designed a robot to replace his friend, who was killed in 9/11. His touching intentions were halted by the very honest reality that robot buddies were just not in the market. But, the adult entertainment industry was rife with new possibilities.

Intelligence (generally speaking) is tantamount to Roxxxy’s erotic performance. Complete with five personalities, the sex doll can be any woman you want her to be (or at least the women who were created by TrueCompanion). Based on the personality chosen, she responds in a different way:

“If you take Farrah’s hand, she will tell you she enjoys holding it. If you take Wendy’s hand, she’ll tell you she has a place for you to put it.”

I imagine that by calling Farrah “frigid”, this may imply that she’ll skirt a man’s advances. Does this mean that she may resist a little more than, say, Wild Wendy? Nice.

Okay, I get that there is no sex robot for a woman. Rocky, his male version of Roxxxy, will be marketed to the gay consumer, which leaves the women represented only in doll form and not as a purveyor of creepy life-sized dolls. Sure, dolls with personalities. But, quite frankly, what woman would want to settle on a lifeless unattractive lover for the astronomical price of $7,000?

I’ve considered doll sex, but in my fantasies the robot actually looks like a robot. Possibly a cyborg – part man, part machine. His frighteningly black skull that hums an electric hum every time he moves. Eyeballs white and wet. No flesh whatsoever. His penis is obviously full of girth, loaded with thick, delectable skin.

The only other reason one would want a sex robot is so they can have perfect sex with a perfect lover. The robot won’t ever complain. They can’t understand actual pain. You will never “hurt” a robot in the same sense that one would “hurt” a human lover.

I still believe we haven’t the privilege of a proper sex robot, one that is sleek and breathtaking and even creepier than Roxxxy because they’re so lifelike. I am excited that the technology exists; but we should set higher standards for the advancement of sexual pleasure.

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