The Bigger The Dick…

So funny. Months ago my gynecologist told me I had a very small vagina. She knew her poking and prodding was uncomfortable. I was relaxed, sure, but every touch down there was rather sensitive. She even made a comment that sex might be painful for me sometimes. I had the twisted thought that it’s like that for everyone. But, that’s not true, is it?

There was a time when I was driven to proclaim myself a “size” queen. Or something like that. I think I may have been brain-washed into believing that bigger, thicker dicks really did it for me. But I don’t remember if that was always the case.

So many other elements can make or break a sexual encounter. The lover and his efforts are pretty priority. The atmosphere. My level of libido. Whatever. Somehow, the size of a penis seemed low on my list expectations.

In college, we knew of one man who had a notoriously well-hung penis. He was very courteous and sweet in every way. He helped me move from New Rochelle to Brooklyn without a single want of anything. And he was infamously known amongst my closest girlfriends for having a huge dick. And I mean huge. Somehow, he was illustrated at this big-dicked monster tearing petite white girls in two (he was black). I wasn’t curious. And the thought of being torn in two didn’t seem so attractive.

In pornography, the dick seems like the only element that can measure genuine desire in the lovemaking. No one wants to see a guy jerking off forever, especially when his frustration develops. Yuk. No, we want to see someone rock hard and HUGE!

In terms of pleasure, however, size is not equivocally pleasurable for all pussies. In fact, I imagine it to be like a big drunk alcoholic asshole behind a really hot (phallic) car. I’m sure I’d have a better ride if he knew how to maneuver the goddamn thing.

Now that I’ve been in porn, I realize that my perception of a big dick has been REALLY off. Most of the men that I’ve been with were not as well-endowed as I thought… at least not by pornographic, idealistic standards. And these are guys who still had to wear Magnums. Even one guy described his dick as being very thick in the middle; so he couldn’t wear a normal-sized condom properly.

Hm. This may lead me to investigate (not really) the effectiveness and feel of custom-made condoms.

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