Don’t Buy the “Hollywood Issue” of Vanity Fair

As I walked around my neighborhood, I saw the latest issue of Vanity Fair and was dumbfounded to see an assortment of this year’s hottest young starlets… all of them were young and white.

Is this news? No. But, luckily, others had picked up on this discriminatory issue.

I know I’ve mentioned that the fashion industry and Hollywood rarely make room for women of color, let alone women of different sizes. But, I care more about color because 1) I’m a woman of color, 2) weight may change, my skin tone won’t.

Also, the marginalization of otherness is very clear about where black women stood. White men are at the top of the tier, white women are next, black men, then black women. Even if one wants to argue that black men have moved up a notch because of Obama’s presidency, that still leaves women of color at the bottom of the barrel, scraping for some legitimacy.

A decade ago things were different. Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry… there were a few talented beautiful women of color that took on very strong roles in Hollywood. And the roles? Remember Angela Bassett in Strange Days? Watch it right now. That role could have easily been filled by a white woman, but it wasn’t. So this whole argument about trying to find roles for women of color is bullshit.

“Avatar” – Zoe Saldana was involved in the biggest grossing blockbuster movie of all time. All time! (That’s right, I’m going Kanye).

“Precious” – Gabourey Sidibe delivered a tear-jerking performance in a role that was equally (if not more so) compelling than any of the other women in Vanity Fair.

I also want to mention Taraji P. Henson. She may have not gotten the spotlight got goddammit that woman has been involved in so many projects, and her talent is so obvious it hurts.

The other blogs go on to list other celebrities. But, this is why I’ve turned my back on Hollywood. They’re either waiting to write “ethnic” roles for women of color or not catering to them at all. Please. Just give a sista a script and stop pretending like the character has to be dark on purpose for that to happen. It’s sickening.

    • Daisy Azuras
    • February 4th, 2010

    I actually agree with you on most of what you said. Vanfare missed a lot of hot black women that are amazing actors. Avatar was simply amazing because of passion behind the voice plus they used her face to model the navi girls face so I count that as on screen credit. As a California cracker I see no reason not to have an original character be played by whoever best brings the character to life be they black white red yellow brown or blue. In a few more decades their won’t be any way to tell what “race” a person is anyway. We mix too well.

  1. the only pics of ‘black women’ for Vanity Fair is the ones they paint themselves:

    this was a cover of their’s a while back. I agree that they should have added a lil flavor to the swirl. there a alot of remarkable Black actresses/actors. I wonder how they missed that other than the obvious…

    • sorry! here’s the link to the actual pic:

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