D&R – Ask Betty: Will I Become Zoo-Exclusive?

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The following post is… well, I’ll let you read. But, I also suggest checking out the comments left on the original post.

Dear Betty and Carlin,

Thank you so much for your site, and for all that you do. Although I’ve not been able to find anything here on your website or on YouTube I suspect you must have dealt with this issue before. I have a wonderful, very sweet, elegant Golden Retriever, Duke. I used to have another Golden Retriever by the same name when I was about 8. One night my original Duke surprised me with his oral attentions when I was getting out of the bathtub. It was delicious… and one thing led to another. Although I never had actual intercourse with Duke as a young girl I explored all sorts of exciting intimacy with Him and eventually even shared him with my best friend. I was very free and open with him and loved burying my face in the soft fur of his neck and wrapping my little girl legs around him in gloriously abandoned affectionate hugs, etc. I also loved touching him down there and watching him grow, come… and even kissing his amazing present when he brought it out of hiding. It was really so fascinating and exciting… but came to an abrupt end when my parents discovered what was going on. I know I am not alone in this kind of … love.

I’ve visited with other women on line who have various different kinds of sexual contact with their live-in “companions.” I’ve often fantasized about going all the way with my current Duke, and have considered pursuing contacts with others who claim to have done so with their own attentive, male “companions” … but still haven’t gotten up the courage to go that far. Also… I wonder, once I do (I’m pretty sure I will some day) if I run the risk of becoming zoo-exclusive (so addicted to the thrill and intimacy that I no longer wish to pursue “normal relations” with men). I’ve known a number of women on line for whom this is true. With all the women you have known and counseled I suspect you may have some insight into this and would be very grateful if you could share such with me. I hope I’m not being too intrusive if I ask either of you if you’ve had any personal experience of this sort. I know that it’s illegal in some places. Anything you may feel comfortable sharing will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much, B

Dear B,

Yes, Zoophilia is illegal in 30 states here in the USA and in Canada. The person is charged with animal cruelty but it’s only a misdemeanor or (sexual misconduct) which means a slap on the wrist and a fine to pay. How they figure this is cruelty I don’t really know. It’s those Puritans again making sure no one is having any sexual fun.

A few years back, I saw a documentary on Zoophilia. I believe it was an HBO doc titled “Zoophile.” One woman loved her Golden Retriever and it was a very tender love story indeed. Another man who loved his pony swore he could tell she orgasmed when he had intercourse with her. “Just like a man!” I remember commenting to Eric. I’ll admit one of my hotest catagories of fantasies has always been “getting fucked by a dog.” I told one of my workshop women who was all bent out of shape because she let a puppy lick her “there” that I’d have dog sex but it would ruin my favorite fantasy. As for oralsex with a dog, I’ll bet more women have expierenced it than we’ll ever know. In many ways it might be seen as a rite of passage.

I admit to experiencing a few licks and falling into Puppy Love in my sexual memoir. As a matter of fact I was about to get a Standard Poodle for a lover when Eric showed up. He had a head full of black curls just like my girlfrineds dog Kishka. Back in the seventies Kishka had sex with all of her freinds both male and female. She admitted he was a lousy lay with fast penetration, rapid in and out and his nails scratched. She was always talking about getting golf club covers for his paws but kept forgetting. Seems for most female Zoophiles, oral sex is their preference. However, that’s true when it comes to many humans too.

Some dog owners get very upset claiming animal abuse when someone has any form of sex with a dog. But I believe most dog lovers understand it’s simply natural and they allow their pets to masturbate on their foot, leg or whatever. My neighbor downstairs had two miniture Poodles and one claimed a small pillow as her surrogate lover. Little Lousette would hump that pillow with a passion that I envied. My relatives in Kansas have a little rat terrier who hops on a foot and gets off. Carlin’s dog love to join her when she’s vibrating and Grant always gave his cat a little vibrator action right in front of her tail after I’d had my orgasm. Can we please grow up and become more civalized and accepting?

Dr. Betty

    • Daisy Azuras
    • February 10th, 2010

    (I posted this on the original site in responce to all the horrible views people have regarding zoos. You should really go and read their hateful posts before reading my hateful post of their hateful post.)

    I don’t understand how you can think it’s okay to cause pain and suffering in the name of food and condem giving pleaser and happiness to an animal. It is obvious to me that all the anti-zoo comments come from people that have never bonded emotionally with a pet. To those people pets are just property to be used and then thrown out when they don’t suite them. These are the same people that don’t cry when their dog or horse dies of old age.

    I have horses and dogs and even though I’m not sexually interested in my dogs I do know that they experience pleasure onw their own. For a person to think that an animal only wants to do what makes its master happy is insane and shows just how big their ego is. We have to make them happy too. If you treat them like sub-creatures not worthy of knowing pleasure and happiness then they will turn on you and bite you and become that vicious dog that cruel people create.

    Animals are not children. They are not your children. Only children are children and if you can’t tell the difference then you should not have either. I have children and I have sex with horses. My horses are my lovers and my children are my children. There is no way to forget that or cross those lines unless you are insane.

    Why can’t people figure this simple point out? Sex is for adults that are sexual be that human or horse or dog. Sex feels good which is why we all do it. Do you seriously think animals would have sex if it was painful? We are animals too you know. Don’t put yourself on such a high place just because you have thumbs and can use tools. I’m sure there are animals out there that see us as stupid creatures too.

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