Become a Sexual Woman – Part II: Objectify Yourself

In my last piece, I compared erotic art of centuries passed to pornography now. I discuss the idea of learning sexuality instead of inheriting it.

In regards to the human aesthetic, women hold the upper hand. They are used as sexual symbols, are the face of the domestic nest, and are part of the economic trade. Even if men do have some presence as sex symbols, their audience is not as wide as a woman’s.

When it comes to sexual objectification, a woman is used for both straight male and female viewers. On a personal level, one that isn’t so based on heterosexuality, I can say that women are more visually pleasurable than men. Sure, I can get excited when I see a guy. But, I’m more concerned about what he can do than what he looks like. Only instinct can tell me if he’s attractive. If the chemistry is there, then that’s all there is to it.

But, a woman is highly prized in my book. Our looks and our presence can sway the minds of men and us too. I like looking at women, just staring at them because they’re so beautiful. Of course, when the objectification is forced (for example, through movies and reality tv shows with artificial-looking women), then it’s a turn off for me. I enjoy looking at women on the subway, when I’m ordering food or when I’m walking down the street listening to music.

Actually, listening to music is rather nice because you don’t have to hear them talk. One can gaze at their behavior, their bodies and the way their hair dances on a breeze.

Men aren’t that captivating, not in the same way women are. I believe they understand this, which makes it very easy to choose women to objectify. And while many women believe that objectification is wrong and unfair because it treats women like objects with thoughts or feelings, I believe that sexual objectification is the highest form of power we have in our society. We can use it to empower ourselves and empower our consumer (the male audience).

Of course, men who are sexually objectified… gay and bi-sexual men must love them. Good for them. I feel like it’s too much of a sausage factory. I don’t really think that sort of display is appropriate for a guy. It’s almost laughable. But, again, I think this is an example of an objectification being forced on me. I do like to look at men but they not as satisfying as women.

If women objectified themselves, then I also think it would prove our power in a world in which we’re brought up to feel victimized or discriminated against. We can see our value as sexual beings, and how that sexuality is contagious, and honored. Not to be naive, I do understand the idea of exploitation, when a “consumer” feels as though s/he has the right to degrade a sexualized woman. But, this doesn’t have to be the standard. It should be considered as discriminatory as sexism itself.

We’re at a point now where gender continues to transcend its traditional definitions. It is no longer a fixed destiny, or even a source of imprisonment to many who are transgendered. So, here, objectification is further complicated. Am I now talking about sexual objectification for naturally-born women? Are there consumers and viewers still naturally-born men?

    • Silque Grey
    • February 11th, 2010

    I am a woman who has always admired other womens looks, style, and character. I love men sexually but I love looking at other women. . . real women in the world … not so much the models although thats nice. Yet its not realistic and their “beauty” can not be so easily obtained.

    I do have hangups about beauty though. It is such a job becoming beautiful. It takes so much effort. Yes, yes, yes beauty is on the inside but lets be realistic about beauty on the outside as well.

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