Tiger Woods’s Public Apology

A while ago, I wrote a story about Tiger Woods. Usually with gossip-worthy tales such as his, I often write about it once and move on. But, how can I when today, as I’m about to check my mail, I see his big weepy eyes looking at me longingly, with the headlines: “TIGER MAKES A PUBLIC APOLOGY.” As soon as I saw it was damn near 15 minutes I already knew I was going to blow chunks all over my keyboard. But, it was a speech so I just busied myself with Web adventures while I listened to this once esteemed and accomplished athlete pretty much castrate himself in front of America. My God, is this the type of culture we’ve turned into? Did our thirst for failure and redemption force the media to bully Tiger into this stunt?

At first these thoughts flooded my mind, then I noticed how scripted he sounded. And I began to hear him talk about his sponsors, the same conservative sponsors he may lose because of this whole kerfuffle. Finally, it hit me! This is a press release, not a real apology. Sure, he’s apologizing about his infidelity. I mean he has to, right? But, he’s apologizing to his sponsors for different reasons, I imagine. I’m sure none of them truly care what Tiger does in the bedroom (or wherever he gets that special craving for pussy) but they do care if their investment is sullied by some damaging scandal. So, from a business angle, I understood the need for the apology. And I forgave him, as long as that is his reason.

Of course, there was the standard polarized response between men and women, the men being moved and the women feeling betrayed. I started to read some of the female responses and from what Yahoo claims one or two sources believe that Tiger didn’t really mean his apology. Well, that’s because he didn’t. He didn’t really apologize to us. Why should he? What did he do that was just so terrible? He cheated on his wife. He isn’t the first guy to do it and he certainly isn’t the last. Damning every man who slips into bed with someone else is becoming tiresome, isn’t it? And, even if he did hurt his wife, it’s their problem to resolve and it’s none of our business.

You know, public events like this one makes me understand why public executions and death-sports were so popular centuries ago. They were honest, bloody and the person was irrationally punished for our amusement and as a warning to the rest of us. If we’re going to drag our most famed idols through the mud, the least we can do is give them the guillotine or put them in a cage with a hungry tiger. I mean, if we’re going to proverbially beat our celebrities for their minor transgressions, then really give them the beating they deserve!

    • Crystal
    • February 20th, 2010

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this post. It’s none of our business what he does behind closed doors. And if we are going to bash him for what he did we need to start looking in our own bedrooms before we lay the blame on someone else.

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