The Online Hookup that Never Happened

So I’ve been talking on and off with this guy through emails. I think he originally contacted me through a dating site. He showed me pictures of his body and beautiful tattoos. He was very creative. He wanted to catch me masturbating in a public bathroom and join with me. Possibly penetrate my tiny bits too, knowing there’s a slight chance that a guest may walk in and spot us fucking.  

Granted, this sounded terribly sexy. And it did provide great fodder for my masturbation time. But, my intuition was just telling me no. So I was honest and broke it off completely.

He recently emailed me in hopes that we can start over. I was intrigued, but before we could settle on a time and a day he asked me to join him in a threesome with his ladyfriend, to which I responded with hesitation. He didn’t know me. I didn’t know him. I don’t even know if I like him. Why would I want to sign up for a manage – e -trois so soon? What kind of lady would I be?

After I sent this response, he then answered that the plan fell through already. It turns out that his ladyfriend is “selfish” and wanted to keep him all to herself.

Oh, excuse me… I didn’t realize your shit doesn’t stink.

I’m jaded. I’ve been involved in the sex industry to varying degrees. So, now that I’m fucking civvies, I expect a little bit more from them. Some finesse, some sort of mystery and modesty. You’re probably wondering, Well, what more can you ask for? Beautifully tattooed man with what appears to be a well-hung cock. Sexual romps around New York City? What gives?

I’ve been spoiled! I need it to happen naturally. I don’t want to feel as though someone is constantly ruffling their plumage to grab my attention. Take my recent bouts of sportfucking. Perfect scenarios. I met these partners offline and on the street. My body can, um, respond appropriately and accurately. It turns on and I get turned. That doesn’t happen on a computer. Instead, my body, is confused. While I’m trying to plan a real live encounter, it is getting off on being fucked in a public bathroom. But, I can’t expect this same fantasy to happen. At least not with this guy.

If he’s reading this, I’m so sorry to lead you around by the dick like this. Thanks for the material!

  1. I’m guessing his ladyfriend was wondering why he was trying to spring some girl on her who he’d never met. Personally I’ve never had a successful online date, so I’m hearing you on the spontaneity.

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