An Interview with Georgina Spelvin

Dee Simon from the Sick and Wrong Podcast sent me this really beautiful and poignant interview that features Georgina Spelvin talking about her experience in the porn industry and her captivating relationship with the camera.

When I saw this, I felt my stomach grow warm and my eyes water. It was moving for me because I completely understand what she’s talking about. I love the camera.

I love the attention. I simply do. In my interview with Steven, I talked about having this double life. There was Simone the performer and Christina, me, the ordinary girl, I suppose. Whatever that means. Christina is normally reclusive. I hardly go out and when I do it’s usually with the same people. I try not to refuse too many opportunities when I can meet new people. But, my habit is to observe a crowd and watch others. In a sexual mode, however, I like it when people can look at me and admire me. It’s an energy, a magnetic pull that can’t be resisted.

When a camera is on me, it’s like the eye of God. I want to serve it. I want to play with it and perform for it. To have sex on camera. Well, technically, it’s the most awkward and vulnerable experience one can have. But, there is something about fucking for someone other than yourself… it’s both masochistic and quite powerful. I know that I’ve had many firsts on set. Before porn, I never knew how to use an enema bag or even had a threesome with a man and a woman. And, of course, there’s no way one can fully prepare for a new person being inside of you for hours. But, when the camera is rolling and you start moving, as clinical as it may sound, you are your lover become a machine. There’s still love and sweat pouring from these bodies in motion, but they exist at that moment sheerly for pleasure. And, it can be so hot and incredible.

So, if you have begun to watch it yet, do so and enjoy!

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