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Being Sex Negative Could be A Positive Thing

Okay, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve heard some very interesting and new opinions that may have me changing my own mind, at least to try on someone else’s tightly strapped shoes. Continue reading


The Magic (and the Science) of an Orgasm Part. II – Of Human Bonding

Maybe I do share orgasms with others; but, I believe they are not just about the physical onset of ecstasy. Maybe it’s something a little deeper… Continue reading

The Magic (And the Science) of an Orgasm… Pt. I

Finally, an article that can legitimize my orgasmic hallucinations. Continue reading

The Online Hookup that Never Happened

So I’ve been talking on and off with this guy through emails. I think he originally contacted me through a dating site. He showed me pictures of his body and beautiful tattoos. He was very creative. He wanted to catch me masturbating in a public bathroom and join with me. Possibly penetrate my tiny bits too, knowing there’s a slight chance that a guest may walk in and spot us fucking.   Continue reading

What Valentine’s Day Means to Me (Now that It’s Over)

It’s best to contemplate this pseudo-holiday on another pseudo-holiday (Presidents’ Day). One is legitimate because banks and post offices are closed; the other because Hallmark makes a fortune. Because pink and red are no longer just colors but brands, labels. And so is the heart. Sorry Presidents, you’re just not that marketable. But you are useful for retail discounts at department stores. Continue reading

Pretty When You Cry

Someone had recommended this song as the perfect track for a rather perverted evening. But, once I saw the music video, I was completely smitten with the entire package. Combining the play on fantasy, violence, and age regression, “Pretty as You Cry” provides you with the classic makings of a psychopath’s wet dream…

Continue reading

Have a Fetish for Pony Play, Centaurs, Unicorns, and Muscles?

Yes. Yes. And yes!

Thank goodness I found this hauntingly creepy beautiful music video that combines all four of my favorite turn-ons! Continue reading