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Being Sex Negative Could be A Positive Thing

Okay, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve heard some very interesting and new opinions that may have me changing my own mind, at least to try on someone else’s tightly strapped shoes. Continue reading


Dear Cosmo, Don’t Tell Me How to Fuck

Okay, okay. We all know by now that Cosmo Magazine is essentially verbal crack filled with advertisements for expensive shit I don’t need and advice that seems savvy, but really just brainwashes me into believing that the sex I have is not good enough for “my man”. And, as of yet, most sex-friendly sites have completely avoided Cosmo’s ridiculous nonsense until this stupid poster hit the presses.

If this isn’t the biggest bunch of fear-peddling, propaganda bullshit I’d ever seen, then I don’t know what.  Continue reading

The Top 5 Greatest Trips of All Time

ive hallucinating hallucinated mistook ghosts pretty high hallucinating

Just this past week I found myself in a nostalgic mode – so much so, in fact, that I regaled my friends and close relatives with tales of drug-induced adventures. Finally, my weekend boss, Amanda, suggested that I blog about it and share it with you. And I thought that was a dandy idea. From DXM to shrooms, I’ve experienced trips both bad and good… but, these are truly enlightening adventures into the land of my subconscious.

So, without further ado, let me present a list of the best trips I’ve experienced in my semi-young life.

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