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A Porn Slut Speaks: Part Deux… Me

Second and final (?) part of sex worker/writer Christina Cicchelli’s discussion about the adult industry. Listen closely ladies – here’s how you can make a difference!


A Porn Slut Speaks: Part One

Hey! This is part one of a response to Eric Amaranth’s article about porn and double penetration. I use his article to not only break down some of the misconceptions about the adult industry and its entertainers, but also hope to encourage more feminists and allies to support sex workers especially porn stars!

This first segment talks about porn sex versus real sex and porn as a performed fantasy for your diddling pleasure, NOT an educational resource on sex or sexual pleasure.


My Interview with Steven Otero of Mondo Eros

Check out this tangential discussion about promiscuity, celebrities, infidelity, and sex work. I actually wasn’t high, surprisingly enough. I did have a cup of wine which always makes me into a loose cannon!

Those of you who know me know one cup’s not enough. But, I was high on the intoxicating topics and Otero’s gravelly voice.


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The Magic (and the Science) of an Orgasm Part. II – Of Human Bonding

Maybe I do share orgasms with others; but, I believe they are not just about the physical onset of ecstasy. Maybe it’s something a little deeper… Continue reading

Defining our Sexuality : Dodson and Ross

The latest podcast released on the D&R website features Betty, Carlin, and yours truly asking important questions. What kind of questions…? Here’s a couple:

“Is it wrong to keep the fetus of a baby for one week only to abort it shortly after?” Find out why the one-week pregnancy works!

“Should a woman really visit a man’s apartment after a night at the bar… if she doesn’t want to have sex?”

“When will mothers admit that when they raise a son, they’re raising a lover?”

We tackle these important questions and more!

Is My Pussy Allergic to Penis?

Maybe the title is an exaggeration; but, for one reason or another, my vagina hates unprotected sex. Continue reading

The Online Hookup that Never Happened

So I’ve been talking on and off with this guy through emails. I think he originally contacted me through a dating site. He showed me pictures of his body and beautiful tattoos. He was very creative. He wanted to catch me masturbating in a public bathroom and join with me. Possibly penetrate my tiny bits too, knowing there’s a slight chance that a guest may walk in and spot us fucking.   Continue reading