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Pain is Our Domain

Pain is necessary. It’s programmed into the very fibers of our being. Is it okay to feel pain? That’s not for me to say. I’ve inflicted pain for pleasure and for pay. I’ve wanted to hurt, to feel sore… Because it just feels so good somehow. Like being burned. Masochistic as it may seem, the searing of the flesh for that one nanosecond… it’s like a liquid needle that bores a hole through one’s surface. It swims and swims until it eventually dissolves. Like sperm. Lovely image, yes? When pain is perceived in this fashion, then perhaps we can begin to understand why pain is so essential. And inevitable. Look how easily it can spread to others. And how deeply it touches our soul. And, yet, our bodies are prepared for this. Whatever has gotten us here… it’s like our fate, all of our emotions, all of these sensations are literally programmed in our bodies – chemically induced or catalyzed by pain itself. By recognizing these strengths, then we can see that pain can be manipulated. Pain can be confronted. Continue reading


A Porn Slut Speaks: Part Deux… Me

Second and final (?) part of sex worker/writer Christina Cicchelli’s discussion about the adult industry. Listen closely ladies – here’s how you can make a difference!

A Porn Slut Speaks: Part One

Hey! This is part one of a response to Eric Amaranth’s article about porn and double penetration. I use his article to not only break down some of the misconceptions about the adult industry and its entertainers, but also hope to encourage more feminists and allies to support sex workers especially porn stars!

This first segment talks about porn sex versus real sex and porn as a performed fantasy for your diddling pleasure, NOT an educational resource on sex or sexual pleasure.


Being Sex Negative Could be A Positive Thing

Okay, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve heard some very interesting and new opinions that may have me changing my own mind, at least to try on someone else’s tightly strapped shoes. Continue reading

An Interview with Georgina Spelvin

Dee Simon from the Sick and Wrong Podcast sent me this really beautiful and poignant interview that features Georgina Spelvin talking about her experience in the porn industry and her captivating relationship with the camera. Continue reading

My Interview with Steven Otero of Mondo Eros

Check out this tangential discussion about promiscuity, celebrities, infidelity, and sex work. I actually wasn’t high, surprisingly enough. I did have a cup of wine which always makes me into a loose cannon!

Those of you who know me know one cup’s not enough. But, I was high on the intoxicating topics and Otero’s gravelly voice.


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The Magic (and the Science) of an Orgasm Part. II – Of Human Bonding

Maybe I do share orgasms with others; but, I believe they are not just about the physical onset of ecstasy. Maybe it’s something a little deeper… Continue reading