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My Interview with Steven Otero of Mondo Eros

Check out this tangential discussion about promiscuity, celebrities, infidelity, and sex work. I actually wasn’t high, surprisingly enough. I did have a cup of wine which always makes me into a loose cannon!

Those of you who know me know one cup’s not enough. But, I was high on the intoxicating topics and Otero’s gravelly voice.


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Defining our Sexuality : Dodson and Ross

The latest podcast released on the D&R website features Betty, Carlin, and yours truly asking important questions. What kind of questions…? Here’s a couple:

“Is it wrong to keep the fetus of a baby for one week only to abort it shortly after?” Find out why the one-week pregnancy works!

“Should a woman really visit a man’s apartment after a night at the bar… if she doesn’t want to have sex?”

“When will mothers admit that when they raise a son, they’re raising a lover?”

We tackle these important questions and more!

D&R – Ask Betty: Will I Become Zoo-Exclusive?

This Q&A is brought to you by – I re-post some of my articles there but the website is filled to the brim with some interesting topics, articles, and personal essays about all things sex-related.

The following post is… well, I’ll let you read. But, I also suggest checking out the comments left on the original post. Continue reading

Pretty When You Cry

Someone had recommended this song as the perfect track for a rather perverted evening. But, once I saw the music video, I was completely smitten with the entire package. Combining the play on fantasy, violence, and age regression, “Pretty as You Cry” provides you with the classic makings of a psychopath’s wet dream…

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Have a Fetish for Pony Play, Centaurs, Unicorns, and Muscles?

Yes. Yes. And yes!

Thank goodness I found this hauntingly creepy beautiful music video that combines all four of my favorite turn-ons! Continue reading

Sexy Robot Makes Waves at Adult Expo

I heard about Roxxxy the sex robot very recently but completely written off the phemomena as wishful thinking on the parts of perverts everywhere who truly desire AI for sexual gratification. She was introduced by her creator and severe nerd, Douglas Hines as someone who was built to surpass my crude opinion of robot prostitutes. Instead, Roxxxy represents the ultimate companionship, one that is not shrouded exclusively in sex. Continue reading

Am I Being a Greedy Whore?

He was a very willing and open-minded lover who was quite excited to please me. He sent me naked photos and anticipated our meeting to be, well, satisfactory in he biblical sense. I had gathered the same, I suppose. But, I could never say it. I didn’t want to guarantee anything in html. Continue reading