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The Magic (and the Science) of an Orgasm Part. II – Of Human Bonding

Maybe I do share orgasms with others; but, I believe they are not just about the physical onset of ecstasy. Maybe it’s something a little deeper… Continue reading


The Magic (And the Science) of an Orgasm… Pt. I

Finally, an article that can legitimize my orgasmic hallucinations. Continue reading

A Pre-New Year Massage

I came completely unprepared. Mildly intoxicated and bringing on my hands and back the wintry winds that chilled the avenues, I heard this beautiful man talk to me about the specials. I requested the big leaf… “you know, the one that beats you…” I think I said. Continue reading

Marvel’s Misogyny and the Comic Book Microcosm

After I wrote my piece on Jennifer’s Body, I continued to keep my eyes open for other she-monsters and devilish dames. Just recently, I discovered Abhay Khosla’s observation about Marvel Comics and their misogynistic representations of women in their popular stories. While, on the surface, dedicated readers of Marvel will definitely find glaringly obvious conflicts that seem to supersede the misogyny, as Khosla points out the gynophobia are as, if not even more so, obvious than the superficial conflicts blanketing the subtext. Continue reading

Zombies Versus Vampires: Damsels, Grab a Gun!

As a video game fanatic, I must maintain that all my favorite video games are zombie shoot-ups. This recent release of Left 4 Dead 2 not only impresses with realistic graphics, but also shows a tough, black (for once) chick ready to throw down in the face of a zombie invasion: Continue reading

See Me Read Thurs Sept 3rd @ Happy Ending NYC


Happy Sunday!

I mentioned this once before the event is drawing near – so I wanted to send a quick reminder to anyone who will be in NYC. Audacia Ray and David Henry Sterry, both amazing writers and extremely potty-mouthed, have started the ever so wonderful Sex Writers Literati Workshop. It’s free. It’s sleazy. It’s even educational. Sex workers (Former and present) read sordid tales about their sometimes seedy but mostly sexy occupation.

Sam Benjamin (Who interviewed me for his blog, Ivy League Pornographer) read at this month’s inaugural event, along with other talented storytellers. This time around I’ll be onstage reading a piece (Although I’m not sure what it will be just yet). Also worth listening to is Zak Smith, Gerry Visco, and Essence Revealed.


Happy Ending – 302 Broome Street

Doors open at 7pm

Reading begins at 8pm

Click here for more information.

The event is free. You can purchase books, buy drinks, or just enjoy some wonderful performances.

See you there.


Attention Conservative Women: No One Wants to Rape You

This week, Playboy is in hot water for posting the “engaging” political piece So Right, It’s Wrong, in which writer Guy Cimbalo lampoons some of the most well-known and conservative female figures in the news and media today. Feminists who love to fish for sexist bullshit definitely discovered the catch of the day with this blatantly misogynist list. Although reasons are not particularly clear as to why Playboy pulled the article from the website, one can safely assume that enough folks on the internets were extremely pissed off.

However, I would like to thank Guy Cimbalo for adding a new word to my vocabulary: Hatef^ck. Continue reading