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AFN’s Road to Kink Presents: Doll Love – Statue Transformation and Mannequin Adoration

Last week, I discussed the origins of Barbie, an iconic figure born from the deviant dreams of her creator, Jack Ryan. As I skimmed some of the articles that covered his story, I wondered if Jack Ryan became attracted to Barbie herself. She was the spitting image of his ideal woman. She may have been small; but, she was certainly shapely. Quiet. Seductive. Did he ever masturbate to Barbie while she wears her little doll-sized bathing suits?

When I moved into the city, I wanted to learn how to make dolls. I studied the meticulous process of sculpting little parts out of polymer clay (the only material I could afford at the time), baking these little limbs in the oven (or kiln if i could find one), and painting little lips and eyes onto the heads. Tufting the hair. Sewing dolly outfits. Although I was adamant to begin this project, I spent most of my time looking at other dolls. My favorite artist is Marina Bychkova. Not only are her hand-crafted dolls accompanied by beautifully ornate outfits, but their sensual appearance is a sight to behold. They have ball joints for lascivious flexibility, painted anatomy, and lips carved for a luscious, plump look. Even now, when I visited the site, I remained there for about 10 minutes just staring at them all. And becoming secretly aroused.

So, this week, let’s talk more about the intimate lives we share with our inanimate replicas.

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AFN’S Road to Kink Presents: Supernatural Kink

So far we have dreamt of goddesses big and tall, animals with sexy bodies, and sex with Satan. So, of course this day was going to come.

It would take an entire book for me to describe just how excited I get by supernatural fantasies. Sure, I won’t meet any of these monsters in real life. But a gal can dream, can’t she?

For now, let’s celebrate the top 5 sexiest things that go bump in the night!

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AFN’S Road to Kink: Good God! Religious/Demonic Play

This week’s travel through this particular kink was inspired by a book that I discovered at our museum. Satanica Sexualis is a devilishly comprehensive resource that  delineates the taboo relationship we have with demonology, black magic, and the grandmaster of evil himself. Upon reading about one particular Black Mass in which the host has sex with his virgin sacrifice, I had not considered where the origin of the word “fetishism” sprung from, which means religion of the fetish. Its multi-lingual derivations, from Latin to Italian, generally translate to witchcraft. What we explore each week is based on the erotic mysticism that we connect with our fetish-object.

But, we are going to transcend through the spectrum of religious sex and not only explore demonic fantasies, but also how the images of rosary beads and men of the cloth can get some of us-maybe you-very, very horny.

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AFN’s Road to Kink Presents… Wet Love: Sploshing, Messy Play, and Pie Fetishists


It’s that time again, gang. It’s that time to boldly go where most blogs have not gone before… okay, that’s not totally true. But, who does it better, baby?

Anyway, this week we’re in for a real treat… remember those high school food fights of yesteryear? Remember the satisfaction you received when you hit that hot lunchlady in the face and chest with your cup of cherry red jello..? And then that hot librarian joined in by dousing her with a half gallon jug of creamy chocolate milk?

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