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Why I’m a Feminist Pervert

This is a repost of an original essay written here. No changes have been made.

Being a Fetish Coach is fun by definition and… (un)surprisingly, fun by practice as well. So far, with the few clients I have accumulated, it seems that these modern-day people feel as though they can lead their private lives out of the darker recesses of insecurity and shame; they can bring their perversity out into the open with acceptance and gratitude. Why gratitude? Well, haven’t you felt some hint of grace when impacted with that first passionate kiss, that untimely touch, that insatiable surge of sexual madness, as if you’ve been afflicted by some terrible disease? Weren’t you utterly happy to realize that your body, essentially, did not give way to civilized codes of conduct, that no matter what you’ve been taught, it still couldn’t help but drop a bit of genital dew when exposed to impassioned incidents and people? You know what I’m talking about. Backseat mischief, a subtle slide of the hand in a crowded restaurant, necking in the basement of your parents’ house? Continue reading