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Why I’m a Feminist Pervert

This is a repost of an original essay written here. No changes have been made.

Being a Fetish Coach is fun by definition and… (un)surprisingly, fun by practice as well. So far, with the few clients I have accumulated, it seems that these modern-day people feel as though they can lead their private lives out of the darker recesses of insecurity and shame; they can bring their perversity out into the open with acceptance and gratitude. Why gratitude? Well, haven’t you felt some hint of grace when impacted with that first passionate kiss, that untimely touch, that insatiable surge of sexual madness, as if you’ve been afflicted by some terrible disease? Weren’t you utterly happy to realize that your body, essentially, did not give way to civilized codes of conduct, that no matter what you’ve been taught, it still couldn’t help but drop a bit of genital dew when exposed to impassioned incidents and people? You know what I’m talking about. Backseat mischief, a subtle slide of the hand in a crowded restaurant, necking in the basement of your parents’ house? Continue reading


Dominatrix Distracts Motorists with Her Torture Chamber on Wheels

Holy Shit… someone must give this woman a medal. In a recession period that has even brought the sex industry down a considerable peg or two (Sex and liquor always had their heads above water during financial lows), a Dominatrix in Germany is proving that creativity can surely make your business soar.

Or get you in trouble. Continue reading

Date with a Fetish Coach – How to Plan a Fetish Party


Date With a Fetish Coach: The Video Podcast

Hey guys! It’s so awesome that you are all still visiting this blog! Thanks! I feel bad though that it’s completely dead right now. That’s because I’ve been posting on my website You can view the blog here. If you subscribe, you’ll get all the newest entries, including new articles posted in my Road to Kink series.

I believe I may repost my articles here as well! Hm… the possibilities.

Anyway, in case you haven’t seen it, I do have a new video podcast appropriately titled Date With a Fetish Coach. It’s a weekly series in which I discuss a number of fetish themes and topics.

This is my latest episode. Let me know what you think. Subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Sex on the Brain: Prom Dress Fetishist

I heard about this story a few weeks ago, and I wanted to talk about it here; but, somehow, I got distracted, as what normally tends to happen when I’m writing, so it quickly disappeared into the recesses of my mind. But, when I heard about the ripple (almost a wave) of crimes occurring in my hometown, Bridgeport (Conn), I was quickly reintroduced to the one idea that got away. It was surprisingly one of the many violent assaults that have overwhelmed the city (two of which ended in murder). As of yet, the victims were released slightly unscathed.

My hometown is now infamous for the Prom Night Fetish Cuddler. Continue reading

Christina Cicchelli: Interview with a Dominatrix

Hey everyone!

This past weekend I was interviewed by Sam Benjamin and I wanted to post some of the excerpts here on my blog. TA-DA! To read the full-length version, visit Sam’s website. He is an amazing writer and his blog will definitely make you into a fan. He also has an ebook available on his website – Ivy League Pornographer.

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AFN’S Road to Kink: Good God! Religious/Demonic Play

This week’s travel through this particular kink was inspired by a book that I discovered at our museum. Satanica Sexualis is a devilishly comprehensive resource that  delineates the taboo relationship we have with demonology, black magic, and the grandmaster of evil himself. Upon reading about one particular Black Mass in which the host has sex with his virgin sacrifice, I had not considered where the origin of the word “fetishism” sprung from, which means religion of the fetish. Its multi-lingual derivations, from Latin to Italian, generally translate to witchcraft. What we explore each week is based on the erotic mysticism that we connect with our fetish-object.

But, we are going to transcend through the spectrum of religious sex and not only explore demonic fantasies, but also how the images of rosary beads and men of the cloth can get some of us-maybe you-very, very horny.

If you’re feeling especially guilty about this particular blog entry, then don’t worry. We’ll have confession later. Continue reading