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Montclair Loses A Beloved Fetish Store

I couldn’t imagine if they shut down all of the wonderful fetish stores in New York City! Purple Passion, London… I’ve strolled through both on various occasions. Not only are they a prime resource for sex workers, but for any couple or individual who wants to buy a few adventurous goodies and get the scoop on fetish parties, events, or workshops. So, when I heard that Dressing for Pleasure was shut down by the township of Montclair, NJ, It was very disappointing news. Continue reading


Sex on the Brain: Foot Fetishist is Finally Spotted/Ball Slasher on the Lam

Some women just can’t handle a man who loves a nice pair of heels… well, not just the heels, but how they look on a woman’s slender foot. Or how said foot gently flexes and arches, as her calf muscle alluringly dances underneath her smooth skin.

So why is this guy getting jail time again??? Continue reading

A Very Special AFN’s Road to Kink: A Brief Stint with Incest Play

Sorry I had not written in this as much as I used to – so many exciting announcements to make.

First, I have a new website – I have a list of my movies on display, brief history about my life as a sex worker, and other bits of knowledge for those who aren’t familiar with my past.

Also big news: I’m a Fetish Consultant! Yes, that’s right. So, if you’re in need of guidance and motivation, or need someone who can help you awaken your inner pervert. Then, look no further! More info is on my website. So do be a doll and check it out for me, won’t you?

Even bigger news: Thurs. Sept 3rd, I’ll be reading at the Sex Literati Workshop. I may read some yummy stuff about my Dommes life or porn work, have not decided yet. But, please stop by Happy Ending (Located on Broome Street) and listen in on me and other hos and rentboys dish about the sinful life.

As I was writing last week’s post about Age-Play, I reminisced about those plentiful moments in my past where I played the role of the gregarious younger sister or naive daughter to a mischievous, older Daddy. And these roles, by far, were the most arousing to me.

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AFN’s Road to Kink: You Big Baby – All about Age-Play

It’s that time once again! AFN’s Road to Kink has dragged itself through the muck of last week’s post. You remember, right? Well, with all that talk about peeing and pooing and puking, I thought it would make a subtle transition to this week’s fascinating new topic: Age-Play! Continue reading

AFN’s Road to Kink Presents: Better Out than In Pt. 2 – Piss, Puke, and Shit

Quite a mouthful of a title, huh? Yeah, I know. But, we have so much to talk about and so little time! So, without any delay, I wanted to bring you the entire family of bodily fluids that fetishists go ga-ga for.

And what better way to start this entry than by providing a link to one of the most infamous internet sensations since Mr. Hands and that peanut butter jelly time kid… and that cross-dressing Canadian that wears glasses…

Two Girls… One Cup


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AFN’S Road to Kink Follow Up: Lit’s Miserable Video Features a Giant Pam Anderson

For those of you who enjoyed my post on Body Growth, you might find this music video simply fantastic. Continue reading

AFN’s Road to Kink Presents… Wet Love: Sploshing, Messy Play, and Pie Fetishists


It’s that time again, gang. It’s that time to boldly go where most blogs have not gone before… okay, that’s not totally true. But, who does it better, baby?

Anyway, this week we’re in for a real treat… remember those high school food fights of yesteryear? Remember the satisfaction you received when you hit that hot lunchlady in the face and chest with your cup of cherry red jello..? And then that hot librarian joined in by dousing her with a half gallon jug of creamy chocolate milk?

Maybe that only happened in my cafeteria, but whatev. Continue reading