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My Interview with Steven Otero of Mondo Eros

Check out this tangential discussion about promiscuity, celebrities, infidelity, and sex work. I actually wasn’t high, surprisingly enough. I did have a cup of wine which always makes me into a loose cannon!

Those of you who know me know one cup’s not enough. But, I was high on the intoxicating topics and Otero’s gravelly voice.


Mondo Eros Homepage
Sexy Spirits Main Page


Defining our Sexuality : Dodson and Ross

The latest podcast released on the D&R website features Betty, Carlin, and yours truly asking important questions. What kind of questions…? Here’s a couple:

“Is it wrong to keep the fetus of a baby for one week only to abort it shortly after?” Find out why the one-week pregnancy works!

“Should a woman really visit a man’s apartment after a night at the bar… if she doesn’t want to have sex?”

“When will mothers admit that when they raise a son, they’re raising a lover?”

We tackle these important questions and more!

Internet and Sex Podcast with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross

Dodson and Ross Podcast

I am always inspired when in the presence of Carlin and Betty. Click on the link and listen to us discuss the complications of cyber-fantasies, sex work, and girl-on-girl love.

Short Story of the Week


Someone's water needs changing... getting a bit murky.

Someone's water needs changing... getting a bit murky.

Since I hardly have time to write in this blasted thing now that I’m doing the the 9-5, I wanted to quickly discuss with you a short story I heard via the wonderful horror podcast, Pseudopod. 


Pseudopod is a podcast that features the very best in all things horrific, creepy, unusual and twisted. The stories are by writers from all works of life so if you or anyone you know wants to share their unique tale, then direct them to this link for more information. 

This week’s story is entitled Bottle Babies. It’s episode 129 on the list and is written by Mary A. Turzillo. Ben Phillips narrates this tale of a young girl whose parents enjoy only the finest things in life… and anything (or should I say, anyone) who doesn’t fit that mold will definitely have to fit in somewhere… even if it is a big used-up jug. On a lighter note – fairies are in the story… and everyone loves fairies, right? Although these lil’ buggers might make your ears bleed. But that’s neither here nor there. 

Again, sorry for the lack of blog entries. Job has been exhausting. And, I’ve also been working on my series of short stories. I’ve finally finished the list – 10 ideas are now polished enough for me to start writing them. And what an assortment – vampires, aliens, resurrections of the dead – well, I don’t want to give too much away. Plus, I still have loads of work ahead of me. But, it’s always an achievement to have completed some step in the progress. Now, the most fun and tasking part begins: Writing the fucking stories!

So while I pull my hair out and rock back in the forth in a corner of my room, I recommend that you take a break and watch Let the Right One In, an endearing tale of a young boy who forms a crush on his blood-sucking next door neighbor. Tender, sweet, and still a tad terrifying.