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The Magic (and the Science) of an Orgasm Part. II – Of Human Bonding

Maybe I do share orgasms with others; but, I believe they are not just about the physical onset of ecstasy. Maybe it’s something a little deeper… Continue reading


A Straight Woman who Loves Pussy or a Lesbian that Loves Cock

The last time I dished on a lass was months ago at a party (see here). She tasted amazing. And ever since then I’ve been dying to pearl dive one more time… no that’s not true. I hope to pearl dive often throughout my life.

Recently, though, I’ve questioned whether I like women or if their packages attract me more… Continue reading

On Sportfucking

I’m not a sportfucker where I must bed more than one partner at once. Nor is it calculated. Never works that way. You know it when your body knows it. Suddenly, it’s like a pain. My pussy begins to pucker. And then I get sharp orgasmic pains, which forces me to rub myself. Continue reading

What Valentine’s Day Means to Me (Now that It’s Over)

It’s best to contemplate this pseudo-holiday on another pseudo-holiday (Presidents’ Day). One is legitimate because banks and post offices are closed; the other because Hallmark makes a fortune. Because pink and red are no longer just colors but brands, labels. And so is the heart. Sorry Presidents, you’re just not that marketable. But you are useful for retail discounts at department stores. Continue reading

Ask A Pervert: I Want My Boyfriend to Rape Me

To be honest with you…I am embarrassed to be asking about it or even thinking it. It is not really Rape for me…honestly I don’t want to be raped. But I like to be held down or pushed against a wall or taken by surprise by my partner. The problem is that I don’t know how to approach him about it. I let him know that I like it when he holds my shoulders down…I just haven’t been brave enough to tell him my ‘fetish’. I’ve always been the quiet innocent girl and I think that’s what attracted Zack to me in the first place. Everyone likes me because of how kind and honest I am…but this has been eating at me for some time. Zack can only orgasm if I do first…which kind of puts me on the spot. I can’t always have an orgasm. And even then it’s always clitoral. When he pushes me into the bed I almost cum…But not quite…I just don’t want to turn him off with the suggestion of it and he already professed his love for me…What can I do about this? I feel like a liar for not speaking my mind…then again, should I just keep my mouth shut and play it safe? I love him and I don’t want to loose him. I would appreciate your advice ^_^ thank you! Continue reading

Could a Woman Pull a Tiger Woods?

My God, Tiger Woods’s story of infidelity and heartbreak is a whirlwind of dramatic events. As the famous golfer recovers from a car accident, his wife and, well, millions of us bare witness to the sultry revelation of his multiple mistresses. And, my, does Woods know how to pick ’em. From a party planner to a porn star, Tiger certainly surrenders to his sexual fantasies… which is all well and good, until he got into a really bad wreck. Continue reading

Looks Do Matter for Dating Website

Recently, I revisited the dating website and discovered that my profile was still active (I hadn’t used it in ages). My cyber-mailbox was stuffed beyond capacity, so I avoided it altogether and perused through the new features. When I checked out their blogs on OKTrends, I noticed a substantial piece that, at first, discusses how quality photographs affect the number of responses a member receives. However, when I looked at the language, it seemed that chose to measure hotness instead. Continue reading